Sunny Walking on Sunday? Nooo on Tuesday….

I have this assignment of writing about why studying abroad will change my life forever…. Yesterday I was trying to squeeze every idea of my mind to write a decent essay, I’ve realized that all my bragging about “Of course I want to get of Colombia, make my life abroad and make my country proud and known more beyond great weed, big butt women and Shakira” wasn’t going to be good enough and my messy room wasn’t really inspiring for me anymore. So I decided to walk around and getting myself immersed in this tropical culture I don’t love so much… But that’s part of who I am….

So I woke up early in the morning, eager to take a really cold shower….. Big surprise… Carnival Season and no water supply, it was really frustrating, because cold water really helps me to relaxed and be more awake. Despite this little incident I decided to go out anyways I didn’t smell that bad.

So with my mobile which is like a walkman and camera for me (good friend I guess) I went to street decided to get inspiration of why I have to get out of this country, but I found were reasons to get back. It really sounds ironic coming from me, but see how people with basic needs unfulfilled really smile at life, how despite all wrong conditions around them they can wake up everyday to work and get the money for their subsistence. It was really amazing for me to see that, by and large I ignore that but today I was focus on those living experiences. Even I bought this fruit salad in this informal stand, where this guy like a college university they took his sales account really seriously. I’ve never enjoyed such street fruit salad like today.

I could see how wrong I was, there are ton of reasons to get back to help to solve these issues, make people notice there are human being sleeping in streets ( like I saw today) who are maybe more aware about real and essential things than most of us.

We are so immersed in this killing routine that we avoid to socialize each other, we just jump above people to get the first line in the bus or the last food can in the supermarket. And then we brag ourselves about how good people we are, attending at church on sundays, please don’t give wrong, I used to be christian, attending every sunday at church, serving in a young christian group, preaching at them, but when it is just religion, becomes an automatic routine and stop living on your own but for others.

It was a really sunny day, which I could smell the sun arome (Is that make any sense?)… I could communicate with subsistence entrepreneurs…

Definitely it is not about just leaving and never look back, it is about learning, getting the skills you need abroad… in other words… catching higher butterflies in greener places… Like that Chinese Proverb says “the flapping of a butterfly’s wings can be felt across the world”

We are one with the Universe, but in the moment we believe ourselves as individuals everything will start to go wrong…

Abundance is everything and nothing at the same time, being wealthy is just having money…

Best Fruit Salad Ever!




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