Sleepy Roses

Cries through darkness from that hollow night reveal his weakness

Our garden started yawning below the blurred Sunset.

How profound and gentile is the weeping of the wet grass by the frozen rain.

A virgin evening wakes up from a dream delayed by the tremor of the Sun who fears going to sleep wondering about never raise up again.

Jealous Stars dance around blind clouds while the roses feel captured by a gloomy nightmare

Sleep is too heavy and each petal lies on the other.

Each spine is raised as a fence to never let out.

Each fragrance is wrapped with ray of light borrowed from the moon

Roses sing and dance in the breeze, and their dream is to awaken.

The day is so close and roses still sing in the dark.

They want to wake up but the light is hidden between the Sky cracks.

Everyone hides from the beauty of those sleepy roses.

The true poetry is the screaming roses, the light race and the Sun awakening.

The night runs away with his forbidden love and the stars follow them.

The Sun calls, and the roses open their petals.

What a joy to see the awakening of our roses, our dreams have finally come true!.







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