The so-called: “You have to step out of your comfort zone”- That’s cliché Dude!

I’ve spent many hours of my life reading different articles and books about how stepping out of your comfort zone and surviving in the meantime.

I thought if I had read enough material about that topic, I could encourage myself to hit the road to the unknown. But now when I finally did it after almost a year, I could realize this process is so personal that you cannot allow other people, no matter how expert they clam to be, to tell you when or how is the exact moment to take the leap and jump into the jungle.

It is not about every time you feel confident about your life, you have to run to new reckless adventures just to see what is going to happen with your destiny; nor every time you feel safe and happy with someone you have to break up with them.

My only good advice I can give you about the so-called “You have to stop being in your comfort zone” is having a good plan since, as I’ve lived so far, is not easy whatsoever. There are moments you want to quit being uncomfy. There are even days you desire to come back the day you were in your past life, feeling pathetic (Maybe sad) but safe.! (Kind of easy to go back in time ah?).

Notwithstanding, there will be people who will demand and ask you all the time (Trust me, They will!) about your decisions and how are you getting through all the hard moments, you have to stay focus on what you say to yourself that you really want in life.

It is not about being comfy or not. If you really love what you do: Why has to be uncomfortable to do it all the time? It really makes no sense. As everything that is really valuable in life, we have to spend some time in our learning curve to learn and grow enough and reach to the top of our goals.

And finally I want to resume all the “mature words” written so far:

1) Plan what you really want to do in life.

2) Set your own Success Metrics or Criteria. (Try not to set “Uncomfy Level as one of them).

3) Be determined even though you have to change your plan a little bit.

4) People’s comments that are not worth listening carefully consider them as useless noise.

5) Stay focus on your GOAL all the time!!.

Remember you are the only one who can write your own destiny with your unique patterns!

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