Is it really suitable the lame question: “What do you do in life?” (Edited)

When I was taking my classes related to Sustainable Agriculture, I experienced an awkward moment in a break time: The Professor  walked through my direction and asked me “What do you do in life?”.

I have to admit that, this particular question is not well-received in my mind in these last months. Because I find kind of hard to explain it. Even if I take around three minutes of my life to create a proper answer.

The case is I said to him: “Well, I am chemical engineer”. He immediately opened his eyes like a scared dog (Maybe the scared one was me!). He was really surprised about the fact that a chemical engineer is studying Sustainable Agriculture and Soil Biology, but the only thing he could add to his futile look was: “Well, it’s your money not mine”.

In such awkward moments I like to remind myself those quotes that light up the reasons why I am doing what I am doing. In that particular moment, I thought about that quote of the author Zig Ziglar: “Don’t listen to people who tell you what to do. Listen to people who encourage you to do what you know in your heart is right.”

Most people try to understand other’s decisions just based in that question. I really think in life is more that “doing”. It is more about living it by creating our own path. But, unfortunately, education system has made us to believe if we want to be “successful” in life we have to live by doing the same things that other people do. Schools are killing the creative living and our desire of pursuing our real life.

That’s why I’ve decided in the near future that each time I am been asked about what I do in life I will just say “Living it… What else could I do?”; instead of trying to create rational explanations of why I’ve taken some decisions based on my personal goals.

I will do the same to others. I will stop asking such empty question that is just used to full lame conversations. From now on I will use “What are you creating now to pursue your own path?”. Perhaps with this one it will create an interesting debate about “the nonsense I am asking about” (It wouldn’t be the first time actually!).

To kill this writing, my main message is trying to think wisely before ask empty questions to full conversations if you’re not sure how to answer them yourself in first place.

We’re not here to make a living, or earn a place here in this place. We’re here to create and integrate it in our planet by pursuing our own path without being selfish!!

Andrea C.


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