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What is success for you? – What about failure?

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This quote depicts what I really feel about the “true success”. It is not just a goal, but a journey. Mine has not been easy and despite the fact I have failed so many times so far I sill believe in my dreams.

It is a new opportunity to start over. I will take some vacations and will travel abroad to acquire new ideas and inspiration to boost my skills in order to get my main goal: Studying abroad.

Few failures are few successes since they allow you to stop a bit and reflect about the decisions you have made so far. These few failures also give you some detours that may be a better path to get your goals.

In conclusion, any time you feel stuck, take some deep breath and remind yourself what your main goals are. Get a notebook and write a detour plan if you have to and the most important, as quoted, never lose your enthusiasm!

Andrea C.

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